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What is IV infusion?

Intravenous (IV) infusion involves the direct delivery of amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, and other essential substances into the bloodstream, with the goal of supporting patient recovery and optimizing treatment outcomes. If you suffer from fatigue or pain due to spine or back issues, IV infusion can supply patients with essential nutrients and medications, resulting in faster pain relief. IV infusion is also very effective during post-surgery recovery, by reducing the chance of infection, prolonging recovery, promoting better wound healing, and more. IV infusion therapy allows us to provide personalized care and treatment for each patient, as an extension of the Spine and Performance Institute.

Benefits of IV infusion

Mental Health

Patients may experience various symptoms related to their conditions, such as nerve compression in the spine. Constant discomfort and limited mobility can disrupt sleep patterns and can take a toll on a patient's mental well-being. IV infusions can administer nutrients, such as B-12, which has been shown to alleviate issues like nerve pain. By targeting these pre-surgical symptoms, IV infusion helps patients find relief in terms of physical and mental health.

Depression has also been closely associated with poor post-operative outcomes. Patients with higher baseline mental and physical scores tend to have greater improvement after surgery. IV infusion can aid in optimizing the physical and mental states of patients before surgery, setting a foundation for better post-surgical outcomes.

Nutritional Health

IV infusion allows for essential substances like amino acids, B12, magnesium, and absorbic acid to be administered directly into the bloodstream. The administration of these nutrients via IV has been found to accelerate wound healing, minimize the duration of immobilization after surgery, and promote a faster recovery. In conclusion, IV infusion plays a pivotal role in enhancing nutritional health, and therefore physical health, for orthopedic patients.

Musculoskeletal Health

For patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries or undergoing surgical procedures, muscle atrophy is a common concern. Immobilization and reduced activity can lead to the loss of muscle mass, which can hinder rehabilitation progress and delay recovery. IV infusion helps to preserve muscle volume and reduces the extent of muscle loss, promoting a quicker return to full function. Orthopedic patients may also be dealing with pain and inflammation from musculoskeletal surgeries or injuries. Through the use of IV infusion, nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties can be delivered into the bloodstream, contributing to a better post-operative outcome. Overall, IV infusion can prevent muscle loss and inflammation leading to a more effective recovery for orthopedic patients.

Types of IV we use

Amino Blend

Amino acids help create proteins, which break down food, repair body tissue, and more. Some amino acids must come from external sources, while some are produced within the body. During periods of stress, illness, or injury, the body might not be able to create enough amino acids, and may need external supplementation through IV infusion. The amino blend injection may boost metabolism, improve energy levels, increase endurance, or help burn fat.

Dosage: 1mL

Concentration: 25 mg/mL

Purpose: Treating pain, inflammation and preserves muscle volume

Pricing: $175

Myer's Cocktail

Myer's Cocktail The Myer's Cocktail consists of multiple essential multivitamins and other nutrients, including Magnesium Chloride, B-complex vitamins, Hydroxo B12, Calcium Gluconate, and Ascorbic Acid. The cocktail alleviates chronic symptoms, such as ongoing pain, asthma, and more. Other benefits include reducing fatigue, increasing immunity, keeping skin and blood cells healthy, alleviating stress, and more.

Dosage: 10mL

Purpose: Treating pain, inflammation and decreased energy levels

Pricing: $175

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